European authorities maintain order on Binärmarkt

European authorities maintain order on Binärmarkt

binary-system-557605_960_720To let through the intensified efforts reputable acting broker for binary options in recent years, review their business online scam practices to protect investors by national authorities, more and more states take a close look at the approval. They cut even declare that the financial supervisors many EU countries now regularly against such providers warn that operate without license or even untrustworthy.

In mid-August reported to the Spanish stock market authority Comisión Nacional de Mercado Valores (CNMS) to speak, to explain that the broker PRIME FMS without the necessary authorization to possess would handle financial transactions for Spanish customers. The distrust of the seller, the guards had loudly investors complaints right. But her alarm call came a little late, the web site, by PRIME FMS is still missing from the network for more than a month.

Particularly strict checkers in Belgium

Not idly, meanwhile, the Italian Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB) and warns the seller Financial Binary, but without revealing more details on the nature and extent of the allegations.
Particularly active in the fight against illicit broker for Binary options shows the Belgian Financial Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). She regularly publishes extensive lists of suspicious financial services. This would operate without a valid license in Belgium.

On the current index are a total of 116 brokers for binary options or forex products. Among them are, for example UBinary, Opteck or OptionsXO. The Belgians are known for applying especially strict in controlling the supplier and to check exactly.

Licensing to reputable broker

Overall, the financial controllers that Binärbroker take EU stronger focus and pay attention to rule-compliant processes. do not meet the legal requirements before party is therefore warned regularly and offense as often impose high fines.

Broker fulfill the license conditions on the other hand received a concession which is an important guide in the search for a reputable broker for new customers. therefore also for the tests on it is important to us, offered to consider possessing a valid license for their business.For the price analysis, there are two different forms of Stochastics indicator Stochastic Fast and Slow Stochastic. Both consist of two lines, a faster moving signal line (% K line) and a slower reacting line (% D line).

The% K line when Stochastic Fast is usually calculated for a period of five days by the difference from the last closing price (LS) and the lowest closing price (TS) of the last five days by the difference between the highest peak price (HH) the last five days and the lowest low of (TT) of the last five days divided. The% D line in turn consists of the moving average of% K over the past three days,.

Quick response ensures many signals

Stochastic Fast provides a relatively large deflections, so that the probability of some false signals is quite high. For this reason, the Stochastic Slow has been introduced which runs quieter and less but it is more credible signals.

When Stochastic Slow corresponds the% K line of% D line of fast-indicator and the% D line of Slow is again the moving average this% K. The respective calculated result is for both indicators always multiplied by 100, which is a value between 0 and 100 is always achieved.